Air-conditioning, ventilations & Air Filtration System Installation & Maintenance

Air-conditioning, ventilations & Air Filtration System Installation & Maintenance

Simply fixed Interior decor & maintenance service l.l.c objective is to offer prompt AC repairing service to our clients at affordable prices. Our team specializes in maintenance & repairing of AC’s which include new installations and trouble shooting of existing problems. . Our team recommends customized plans for your AC maintenance based on the usage of your units to enable & enhance the life of your ac units & moreover save in electricity costs.

Services offered:

  1. Checking compressor for irregular noise, vibration, proper suction, discharge pressure, performance and functionality.
  2. Checking and cleaning fan coil unit including overall alignment and insulation quality.
  3. Checking operation of the condenser fan motor and fan bearing for any abnormal noise or vibration.
  4. Check fan alignment, lubrication, belt, electrical relay and wirings.
  5. Inspection and cleaning of filters.
  6. Checking and cleaning of inside air vents.
  7. Checking of thermostats and ducting.
  8. Checking and cleaning of electrical components and wiring.
  9. Pressure washing of condenser coils (exterior).
  10. Checking, cleaning and clearing of blockages in the drain lines and service drip water tray.
  11. Placing of drain flow tablets into drip trays.
  12. Changing compressor oil and filters if necessary.
  13. Minor painting touch-up and minor repairs to insulation.
  14. Test-running system to ensure system in proper working condition.
  15. Air Duct Cleaning .
  16. GAS Refilling .

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